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Academic Affairs

Based on the rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education, the academic affairs are divided among different administrative offices at each university in order to provide high-quality academic services and accomplish academic goals and objectives. The Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs is one of the principal academic and administrative officers of the University.
The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs serves as the chief academic officer of the university and is responsible for educational policy and academic programs.
As the senior academic and administrative officer, the Vice-Chancellor is the University’s Chief Executive, with overall responsibility for planning, organizing developing, directing, implementing and evaluating academic programs, policies, procedures and guidelines. Academic Administration provides leadership in all academic matters; initiates, participates in, supervises, oversees and reviews academic planning and curriculum development. The Vice Chancellor serves as a leader in long-term planning of educational programs, assuring quality of instruction, selection and development of a distinguished university and furthering the strategic plan and the goals and objectives of the university.

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