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There are three major understandings one can have through an undergraduate political science program. First, it tells you about the operation and interaction of government. Second, it informs you about the impact of a country’s policies on economic stability and growth. Finally, it instructs about the effect law has on social and political changes. Politics influences every aspect of a citizen’s life including education, employment, healthcare and housing.
After getting a degree in political science, as a young politician, graduates will make decisions for the betterment of the society by participating in political debates and getting involved in the government. Other ways you can use a political science degree is to join NGOs and support causes to make a difference in the society or candid yourself individually and make your ideas and proposals be heard.
There are many fields of study offered in Political Science; such as, domestic politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration and public policy. Students at Kateb University study Political Science and Political Theory which are the study of contemporary theoretical perspectives such as constructivism, critical theory and postmodernism.

No# Subject Fee Discounts Fee After Discount
1 Entry Test 300 0 300
2 Addmisstion Fee (one Time) 5000 1000 4000
3 Per Semester Fee 15000 2000 13000
4 Monograph (One Time) 5000 0 5000
5 Confirmation Letter 500 0 500
# Total Fees 20800 3000 22800

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