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Regulating various areas of social relations in individual, national and international spheres such as relations of individuals with each other, relations of people with state, relations of the state with people, relations of the state with each other in the international arena, and also relations of the state with international organizations are the most important functions of the discipline of law. The Department of Law was established at the same time as the establishment of the university on 12 October 2012.
The Vision

Transforming the department of law as the best and most influential center for legal studies in the country and the region forms the vision of the law department.
The Mission

With experienced professors and high-level educational programs, the Department of law tries to produce legal texts needed by society and trains innovative and capable students in the fields of judiciary, advocacy, and consulting services.
Kinds of subjects and the credits in undergraduate

The undergraduate is four years and the student is required to successfully complete at least 136 credits in this course. The descriptions and indexes of the themes are shown in

No# Subject Fee Discounts Fee After Discount
1 Entry Test 300 0 300
2 Addmisstion Fee (one Time) 5000 1000 4000
3 Per Semester Fee 15000 2000 13000
4 Monograph (One Time) 5000 0 5000
5 Confirmation Letter 500 0 500
# Total Fees 20800 3000 22800

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