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The Danish University department of computer science was established in 2013 and is an outstanding group of students, educators, scholars and researchers who learn and work and practice  computer science professions and want to make the world a better place for living.

Computer science students study theoretical and practical foundation and techniques of computation.  It is about the basic theories of formation, design and use of computers. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems. Students with a degree in computer science can work in government as well as in private sectors. They can be employed as software engineers, software testers, project managers, and application developers.

At Danish University students are offered pre-requisite courses before they go on to clear their majors. Some of the core courses are Discrete Math, Calculus, C, C++ and Probability.

Majors offered at KU Department of Computer Science are:

    Software Engineering

Computer Science graduates can choose have a regular job and work as web, mobile application, video game and operating system developer et cetera. Some of the job areas computer science graduates get are as follows:

  •     Application Developer.    Android Developer.    Web developer.    Database Developer.    Network Specialist.

Student Development Opportunities
IT Lab

Danish University is equipped with a reliable networking system with models by approved topologies such as Cisco.

There is both Cable and Wi-Fi networks for quick communication and administrative issues faced.

Danish University has signed a contract with Internet Service Provider (ISP) (IO Global (IO) (Broadband Internet)

The Uplink Mbps 20 / Downlink Mbps 20 band runs through the division into three branches

The University’s Web-based Disciplines are as follows:

No# Subject Fee Discounts Fee After Discount
1 Entry Test 300 0 300
2 Addmisstion Fee (one Time) 5000 1000 4000
3 Per Semester Fee 15000 2000 13000
4 Monograph (One Time) 5000 0 5000
5 Confirmation Letter 500 0 500
# Total Fees 20800 3000 22800

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