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Danish Institute of Higher Education is a non-governmental educational organization recognized as DIHE that started its education journey in 1391(2012). We are the first educational organization in Parwan Province, having official permit from Ministry of Higher Education, provides educational services in different majors of study namely: Faculties of Medicine, Economics and Law and political Science. DIHE has huge contribution in development of Society by graduating less or more than 150 students every year. We are the first private educational institute, providing quality education in Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir and north districts of Kabul Province to different range of students.

DIHE is registered by the licence number 57 based on a protocol between MOHE and DIHE in 1391(2012). In the first year of establishments, DIHE engaged 300 students in Law and Political Science and Economics faculties. Our commitment made it possible to establish Medical Science Faculty in 1393 (2014) based on the official licence issued to DIHE by MOHE. Currently, we have 1200 students in our faculties namely, 460 students in the faculty Medicine which 29.7 percent of them are females, 467 students in the faculty Law & political science which according to its departments 363 students in judicial department and 104 students in administration and diplomacy which 12 percent of them include female students; and in the faculty economics, we have 272 students which 8 percent of them are females.

               Although, During its activity since its establishment, DIHE has had bright experience of 7 time graduation in the Faculty of Law and Political Science and 5 time graduation in the faculty Economics, according to statistics 973 are graduated from both faculties, namely 802 graduate from faculty of law and political science which 9 percent of them are females and 171 graduate from faculty of economic which 10 percent of the are females.

               As an institutions DIHE is involved in the academic accreditation process is the MOHE, which has been able to successfully pass the first stage of accreditation process in 1398 (2019) and is currently working to pass the second and third stages and achieve academic accreditation.

DIHE continues its current activity in 11th part of Charikar City, Parwan Province, and considers developing its activities in other parts of the country by establishing branches in big cities of Afghanistan. The majority of DIHE instructors, educational practitioners and employees are PhD and M.A holders including some lectures of Parwan and Al-beroni Public Universities.

The educational criteria and conditions are in accordance to other educational organizations in Afghanistan, thus, the diploma has the same validity as other institutions. Our academic calendar (schedule) is based on the guidance of Ministry of Higher Education. Education in DIHE is in-class and evaluation (testing) is done at the end of each term. We hope to take part in development of society by training and educating committed and proficient young generation in order to partaken to the development of Afghanistan in wider perspective


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